Full Resident Members, Associate Members, Absent Members, Overseas Members and Spouses.

Guests of Members

The names of all guests entertained in the Club, whether to a meal or not, together with the name of the Member entertaining them, must be entered in the Guest Book provided for that purpose. Such guests, so long as they remain on the Club premises, must be accompanied by a Member and must comply in all respects with the Club’s Rules and Byelaws. Members are responsible for payment for meals and drinks consumed by their guests and for the behaviour of their guests. No fee is payable on the introduction of a guest.

Temporary Members

Visitors to Hong Kong may be granted temporary membership on being proposed and seconded by Members of not less than 5 years standing. Such visitors shall be entitled to full usage of the Club’s facilities as if a Member, unless such usage is restricted by the Committee.

The number of days for which a temporary member may register in a calendar year will be determined by the Committee.

A temporary member fee equal to 10% of the final account will be charged.

Club and private function attendees

As invited by Members

Reciprocal Club Members and accompanying guests

Visitors from reciprocal clubs must provide a current letter or card of introduction and register with the Membership Office on 7/F of the Club Building (or at the Reception desk outside normal office hours) prior to using the Club’s facilities. A credit card imprint (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) will be taken at the time of registration and will be used to settle a visitor’s account following departure.

Visitors shall have the privilege of introducing guests to the Club’s premises in accordance with the Byelaws. The names of such guests shall be entered in the Guest Books provided for such purpose.